Portrait Gallery


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  • Mark Marshall says:

    Hi Robbie,
    I was introduced to your work by a mutual friend Susan Paterson who is best friends with my fiance Fiona Beveridge,i often see your posts on Facebook and really enjoy seeing your work.I am an amateur photographer myself and i am always looking on the net at other photographers work to get some ideas,i am mostly into portature and weddings and have 3 coming up infact i have one tomorrow and really looking forward to it,i like the shot of the fairy lite whisky and that you took the time to explain how the shot was set up and equipment used it gives us amateurs the inspiration to go and try something similar so thanks for that,keep up the excellent work and look forward to seeing more of it,thanks,
    Mark Marshall (a big fan)

  • robbie ewing says:

    Thanks Mark, its always nice to get feedback. I’m glad you like my work. Watch this space and if you like it please FB Tweet or Stumble it. This social media marketing needs a little bit of effort.

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