Robbie Ewing with Cable Release

I’m Scottish and live in Camberwell, London. I arrived here in 1991 to complete a MA in textile design at Central St Martins and never escaped. After graduating I pursued a career in retail, then sales and project management. Currently I’m a partner at Dimensions Displays Ltd.

I always used photography to develop design ideas in college, however the bright lights of London distracted me for a quite a few years. I returned to photography in 2005 and now take photographs now to satisfy my creative streak. My intention is to incorporate it into the main business over the next 2-3 years. My textile design background developed my eye for colour, texture and proportion, good skills that transfer to photography. I love to create images by clever use of macro photography and lighting techniques. I’m self taught with a lot of help from the internet, especially from Flickr and David Hobby’s Strobist blog.

As well as macro work I like to shoot people – environmental and studio portraits, lifestyle, social, street candid’s and model portfolio work. Currently I’m developing my own portfolio and improving my skills. I’m looking for interesting people / projects to collaborate on and shoot in the London area. I’m also available for hire at reasonable rates, call me to discuss fees. You can follow me on Facebook, Flickr and Twitter.


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  • Mark says:

    Hi Robbie –

    Like your work, which I found by pure chance as is often the way; checking out ‘Hoxton Bonnet’ which came up on 6Music. Fifteen minutes later, I’m still looking through your various portfolios of photographs. I like your eye, especially for some of the rich complexity of textures you’ve teased out of the urban environment. I’m thinking of the street market stuff in Vietnam for example. How funny though, when you flip over to B&W the effect is intensified. I guess it’s got to do with how the brain reads things and makes sence of the world around us.

    I too live in SE London, up the hill from you in Forest Hill. I’ve lived in London pretty much all my life and I too take photographs when the mood or necessity takes me. I went to Chelsea many years ago and studied Painting, with a big chunk of photography thrown in right at the end of my degree.

    Sorry, I’m not on any of the usual social sites and I don’t have a website. Although, I do have an Ebay account which is an achievement of sorts I suppose?

    Best, Mark

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