Eleanor – a personal project

November 13, 2010 § 3 Comments

My good friends Mel and Jules have daughter called Eleanor who was born in May 2008. I photographed them all on her first birthday, here they all are………

Mel writes are blog called London Digital Mum – “Digital media bird, working in London, commuting from Watford and juggling toddlercare whilst trying not to spill the sauvignon blanc”

They are wonderful couple and I thought it would be good to start a long term portrait project featuring Eleanor. I’m aiming to photograph her a minimum of once a year until she tells me to piss off.  Hopefully that wont be anytime soon as she loves posing for the camera! Its a nice project for me, as it will slowly build into a story as she grows up… hopefully she wont get bored or think I’m uncool as she’s get older.

The first two shots she about 1 year old. In these next two she’s 27 months and look how she’s grown and started to chat back and give me grief. NO MORE photo’s I was told in no uncertain terms after an hour or so, though it was time for her afternoon nap!

More to follow in the new year


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§ 3 Responses to Eleanor – a personal project

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  • melmackuk says:

    It is quite amazing seeing these photos next to each other.
    You get used to the gradual changes, and it’s only when someone who hasn’t seen her for awhile says “Wow” that you realise the vast amount of growing that happens in these first few years.
    Plus you’ve captured her so well – her little cheeky smile in the second one is just adorable, and I love her running with the lion puppet trying to roar – hilarious intent look on her face!
    Thanks Robbie 🙂

  • Auntie Hazel says:

    Mel, These pics are amazing! Eleanor is the spitting image of you at the same age. This has given me goose bumps.
    Robbie has certainly captured her at the right times…simply beautiful.

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