Halloween Photo Fun

November 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

We threw a Halloween party in a local bar called the Tommyfield in Kennington. The theme was “Dead Famous” – i.e. Dead Celebrities. It was joint party with our friend Will’s whose birthday it was so we got a good crowd. We were giving prices for the best costume, so some of friends made a splendid effort. I thought it would good idea take portraits of everyone and upload them to Facebook as a way of promoting my Fan page. I had spotted a picture rail when we were doing the recce of the place and though it would be easy to fix a back drop to it. So I bought 3.5m length of blood red velvet which I wrapped round an old cardboard core from one of my print suppliers. Attached it to the wall with some picture rails hooks and cable ties.
Ryan in drag in front of backdrop

My initial set up was a small Lumiquest 8″ x 7″ softbox camera right and reflected brolly camera left but its wasn’t working, the softbox was too directional and i needed more light across the whole subject not just the head.  So i quickly resorted to the tried and tested shoot through umbrella’s as shown in the diagram. I liked the results and the bright red background adds a nice hard graphic quality which compliments the outfits and gestures. The final lighting set up diagram is further down.

This is Harvey who supplied the tunes for the night as the late great Heath Ledger managing to mash up Brokeback Mountain and Batman into one costume.

Harvey as Heath Ledger / The Joker

Matt had come as the soon to be assassinated Barek Obama. Its a joke before anyone gets on there high horse, but you do have to wonder given some of the right wing crazies that are in ascendancy in the US at the moment.

Lauren and Frankie came as Cher and Audrey Hepburn. Cher would have one a prize if she hadn’t left before the end!

Friend of friend who name i didn’t get but she new how to pose! Three frames shot taken all of them good… thats what you want in a model.


Matt kept it simple but carried off a very good Freddie Mercury

Lighting diagram tool from Kevin Kertz its a layered Photoshop file with lots of different lighting sources and modifiers which you can create your own set ups quickly.
Cross light set up using SB900 in shoot thru Umbrella's


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