last night a filter saved my wallet from a broken heart……

September 16, 2010 § 3 Comments

…or the importance of ALWAYS sticking a UV filter on the front of that expensive 24 – 70mm f2.8 lens.

Stupid me perched the camera with a SB900 in the hotshoe on the arm of armchair whilst shooting Callum a few weeks ago. It fell about 2 feet landing lens first. The impact point is pretty obvious. Now I’ve just blown about £30 on the filter and I’m know shitting myself as its £1200 lens and the filter is refusing to come off, the thread being crushed. I drive home in crappy mood.

A fair bit WD-40 and elbow grease later I manage to get the fiiter off. The zoom action is no longer smooth either. Stick the lens back on the camera fire a few shots off it seems OK. Phew…big sigh of relief. A few week later the zoom action is also back to normal after being used a fair bit. Pro lens – tough enough to handle a serious knock and I’m super grateful to Calumet for making good filters.

Strobist info – Filter is sitting on a piece of black acrylic, SB900 TTL +0.7 in softbox bouncing off a sheet of blue polypropylene camera left another SB900 TTL -1.3 with a snoot and two cuts full CTO aimed at the front of the filter also camera left


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§ 3 Responses to last night a filter saved my wallet from a broken heart……

  • Martin says:

    You are the lucky one! My mate bought a new 24-70 just a matter of months ago, somehow did not lock it onto the body properly and it fell from four feet onto to concrete.

    He’s even tried to lock it back onto the camera! Of course it won’t go on, it’s cream crakered, big time!

  • sandlizard says:

    dear robbie, i just subscribed to your blog and it has no title?


  • robbie ewing says:

    Hey Cali, that was me trying to customise the wordpress theme. not a big fan of the Orange text, but am I correct in thinking that if you subscribe the blog has no title? Change the Tagline to the Title. Thanks for pointing this out

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