Silver Twist

September 15, 2010 § 2 Comments

Silver wire ringPhotographed some silver jewelery at the weekend.  As you can see Yvonne Struthers makes lovely flowing pieces, mainly rings, earrings and bangles. Each piece is hand made and unique. She need images to show potential clients and stockists.

Her friend Preya modeled the jewelery to convey scale, and also what they actually are, without some human context the pieces are quite abstract.

105mm Macro lens was used for most of the shots, mix of ambient, softbox and bounce reflectors for lighting.

Silver ring on Slate

Strobist info – SB900 in 60cm softbox RHS as close as possible to the pieces to create as big a light source as possible compared to the subject which make the highlights nice and big. Bit of corex to the right providing bounce fill which created the mid toned reflections on the RHS of the ring.

Silver wire earring being worn

Silver wire ringThat black blob is me in the middle of the focused part of the shot. Wore a dark t shirt and just desaturated the red, yellows and oranges in Lightroom to make my arms less obvious in the final shots

Silver wire bangle

Ring, bangle and earrings


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§ 2 Responses to Silver Twist

  • Kim says:

    Does Yvonne have a website?


    • robbie ewing says:

      Hi Kim

      I don’t think so, she was planning on sorting one out after she got back from traveling. I seem to remember her saying at the shoot she was leaving round about now for 6 months in India & Nepal. Are you interested as I think she left some of Jewelery with an agent.



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