On your marks, get set, go…… 

August 23, 2009 § 5 Comments

thru the ltterbox

Hello and welcome to my first post on my first blog. Didn’t think I would ever start something like this as writing is not one of my strong points. However it seems to be a major part of how other photographers communicate with there fans and potential clients and in doing so improve their presence on the web. I’m at that stage in my photography life where I want to start developing it into a career, so blogging ahoy!

I’ve just started a 365 project on Flickr as a way of forcing me to be more creative, improve my lighting, make some photographer friends and to get my lazy ass of the sofa and away from the television!

First 365 shot, its a SP but I’m going to vary them. I don’t think i could arsed doing self portraits every day and I’m doing this to improve my lighting skill across a range of subjects so expect a eclectic mix of images.

Strobist – f11, 1/250 SB900 in softbox camera right high down at hands and face, hands are cutting out a bit of the light. Blue gelled SB600 in small reflector camera left. Triggered with on board flash using CLS


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§ 5 Responses to On your marks, get set, go…… 

  • ruthl says:

    Its a great shot. Love the contrast between light hands and dark background, with your face mid-tone.

  • Peaky says:

    Well done Robbie, lift off has happened…

  • Kevin says:

    Nice shot Robbie – along with all the others on the site. I seem to recognise the ‘beer on table’ shot in the still life gallery. It was good to be part of the creative process – I am available for any similar projects you may be planning.

  • Hally says:

    Hey Robbie, finally I’ve had a chance to look at your website – it’s fantastic! Well done. I love the colour and clarity. Might get you to do some small boy pix before he’s too big…x

  • David says:

    Congratulations on taking the leap with the Flickr 365 and your blog. I’ll keep tuned and so far… I’m Loving It (copyright McDonalds Corporation but wtf) 😀

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